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Date of Birth

30 December 2015

Place of Birth

BPM, Denpasar - Bali

Height (on born)

47 cm

Weight (on born)

2800 gr


26 April 2018

Larasati was born in BPM (a small clinic ran by a midwife) on Wednesday 30 December 2015 with the weight of 2800 g and the height of 47 cm. Her mother is an 18 years old orphan who decides not to raise her after her boyfriend ,who turned out to have a wife and 2 kids, left her after she informed him of her pregnancy. This situation caused her,who is mental and financially not ready to raise a child, to be angry at her baby thus her refusal to even look at her baby after giving birth.Fortunately in the end she gave in after being coaxed by the people around her to carry the baby and ends up breastfeeding the baby a few times but she still refused to raise the baby. On 31 December 2015 Larasati is put under our care.