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Date of Birth

8 Mei 2022

Place of Birth


Height (on born)

50 cm

Weight (on born)

3115 gr



Jemimah Majida Amoldina was born on May 8, 2022 at 22:52 WITA with a weight of 3115 grams and a body length of 50 cm. Baby Jemimah’s biological mother has been under the care of the Rumah Aman since she was 7 months pregnant. Before contacting the Foundation, Baby Jemimah’s biological mother had been looking for so many solutions for months, until she had thoughts of committing suicide, because baby jemimah’s biological father doesn’t want to be responsible, but God had other plans, Baby Jemimah’s biological mother met the Foundation and trusted that the Foundation could find adoptive parents who would truly love Baby Jemimah later in life.