By all accounts Maggha Karaneya is a normal 17 year old girl, she is a little shy, loves fashion and is an avid book reader, but behind this quiet exterior is an established social activist advocating for those in her community that are unable to do so for themselves. Whilst the word Philanthropy is not readily associated with teens Maggha is proof that with focus and belief combined with time and energy that Teens can certainly change our world by engaging in real life issues and purposeful work in the community.

Maggha comes from a long line of philanthropists her Grandmother Ibu Erlina Kang is well known in the Bali community for her charitable donations to multiple causes, and her parents Cahyadi and Vivi had involved their 3 daughters in charitable activities since a very young age. Instead of indulging the girls in elaborate birthday parties Cahyadi and Vivi would take them to homes of those less fortunate and celebrate with donations of food, their mission is to guide their daughters to become compassionate and grateful human beings.

It was after one particularly emotional visit to a poorly funded local orphanage that Maggha felt compelled to act. At just 15 she told her Mother that she wanted to create a sanctuary for abandoned babies one where they would have a high quality of life, equal opportunities and experience genuine love and care. Maggha had the maturity and foresight to know that Social Work would be her future and with the support of her parents she chose to finish her high schooling through home schooling and to dually focus on seeing Yayasan Metta Mama and Maggha come to fruition.

With the facility secured and a well researched plan of action ready to go, Maggha and her Mother began the task of registering Yayasan MM & M with the Government in order that their facility would be government approved and their activities transparent. Maggha’s dream became a reality in 2015 and their first baby Raka arrived shortly thereafter, they have now taken 11 babies into their care and with support of the local and international communities have gone on to create the most heartwarming baby sanctuary one could imagine.

Yayasan MM & M is staffed by qualified nurses, they are well supported by the local medical fraternity, and they have a very important volunteer and donor program, which also includes breast milk donations giving the babies the very best start in life.

Maggha heads up the foundation, is actively involved on the ground with the babies, she guides the programs and plans and is closely involved with all of the processes that are undertaken when a new baby is in need of their sanctuary, all of this whilst completing her Senior Year of schooling.

This is just the beginning for Maggha she understands that in regards to those in hardship there is so much to be done and so many in need, and she remains quietly committed to doing everything she possibly can to change her community for the better.


Mama & Maggha foundation is a little sanctuary that believes every child is equal and every individual is unique and their own person. A sanctuary where individuals are accepted and nurtured to grow into a happy, loving, caring individual that believes in themselves. We do not only teach the children the basics for survival but we also try to develop children’s love of helping others and working together. We strive to help children become the best of themselves and love themselves.

Baby is a miracle and Mama & Maggha Foundation is provide a safe place and healthy daily needs for all orphans babies. Our missions are :
• Take care of their needs with care
• Provided a safe and healthy place and atmosphere for mental and physical needs
• Supply a healthy diet according to the children’s body need
• Provide medical care


Medical Care
As soon as baby born they need medical care, vaccinations , medicine and special treatment for premature infant and also medical procedures that will correct a physical challenge. The provision of medical attention can be life changing for an orphan. Mama & Maggha Foundation strives to help orphans overcome physical challenges through surgeries, hernia, eye, heart disease, HIV, clubbed feet casting, blood transfusion, physical therapy, hearing aids and other procedures that will correct a physical challenge or improve their quality of life. Medical grand may also provide urgently needed medications or medical equipment.

Basic Life
Mama & Maggha Foundation desires for all orphans to have their basic needs met including food, clothing, shelter and attention to their special needs. The first three years of the baby’s life is the most important period for their brain development. In this period infants need more nutrition and attention than ever in order for their brain to develop steadily. This goal can often be met through child sponsorship programs and foster care placements. Nutrition programs provide high quality formula to infant’s at risk, infants whose bodies require added nutrition to thrive, or to those babies who are preparing for or recovering from surgery. Other basic life needs may be met through programs that supply clothing, shoes, and new cribs.

Care Giving
We all love the feeling or being loved, accepted, cared and we understand the need children have for physical contact and individual attention. Mama & Maggha Foundation encourage programs that support care giving in a loving environment where children can interact both with other children and their caregiver. We hope to increase the numbers of caregivers to the numbers of children in order for each children to get enough attention and care.

The ongoing care and special attention contributes greatly to physical, emotional, and mental development of the children. Other programs within the care giving focus include nanny and foster care parent training and hiring of foster care coordinators and physical therapists. Volunteers would be more than welcomed to spend the day nurturing and taking care of the babies and if the volunteers desire to spend more time helping, we already provide a personal room and bathroom to spend the night in.

Educational & Development
From birth to the teenage years, the provision of age-appropriate developmental end educational tools is crucial to an orphan’s future success. Mama & Maggha Foundation strive to provides books, school, tuitions , and toys to promote stimulation, learning and growth for orphans of all ages. The foundation will provide environments in which children can explore, play and study at the same time. We don’t only teach the children studies but also to love learning.

They will be more exposed to books especially living books. Books in which the author narrates or describes the things they love or passionate about (science. It turns dry boring facts into a lively subject that keeps the children more interested and they also can connect to the characters through the character feelings, emotions and actions. It will help them remember better, it’s like telling a story. The foundation will teach the basics as well as things of the child’s interests. Teachings also includes spending more time with nature such as gardening, playing with nature and trips to places. Most important children will be encouraged to help each other, work together, share what they have with others and to try their best in things.

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